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Convicinio of St. Antonio

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In the heart of the Casalnuovo area this rock hewn complex is the union of four churches.

The first church is dedicated to St. Prime, now known as "Tempe Cadute" (Falling Stones), a name deriving from the continuous rockfall that characterized the place. Then there is the church dedicate to St. Eligio, with traces of numerous frescoes, including a Madonna holding the Child on her arms. Then there is the church of St. Donato, where is possible to see a fresco of St. Leonard with the knife of his martyrdom. Another important fresco is the depicting St. Dorothy and other two adjacent frescoes that represent St. George and St. Donato.

Finally there is the church dedicated to St. Anthony with a precious fresco that represents the saint with a flowing white beard. Then there is another precious fresco that represents St. Sebastian during his martyrdom and finally there is a rural representation where the Virgin helps a farmer. This fresco has great similarities with another fresco painted for the Sanctuary of Picciano.

About in the seventeenth century, the religious complex was desecrated and was transformed in cellars, so today we find in the churches, the millstones for the production of wine and other excavated room suitable for storing wine.




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