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Madonna delle Tre porte or "Our lady of the trhee doors

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The church of Madonna delle Tre Porte (Our Lady of the Three Doors) is divided in three naves with opposing apses. The church is decorated with few small niches, and numerous scratched crosses.

There are two important frescoes, infact here is possible to admir a representation of a Deesis and the fresco of the "Our lady of the Pomegranate," where the pomegranate symbolizes humility. This representation is also known as the "Our Lady of the Sweet Kiss". Inside there is also a precious representation of a crucifixion.

In 1962, when no one in Matera understood the value of these frescoes and therefore no one had bothered to preserve it, someone thought to steal some of the most precious frescoes that adorned originally the church. The German archaeologist Rudolf Kubesh was the author of this cultural destruction.

With the relocation of some perfect reproductions of the stolen frescoes, the church is now again able to evoke to the visitors the feeling due to the artistic  glory of this place.

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