St. Falcione church


In the period between the ninth and tenth centuries, the rock hewn churches  had a recurring architectural structure that includes a rectangular or square  courtroom with smooth walls and a presbytery area with two arches supported by a sumptuous central pillar.

The rock hewn church of San Falcione, also known as St. Canion, the holy martyr of Atella, is a typical example of this type of architecture and this is, therefore, one of the oldest and suggestive rock hewn churches of the Matera Murgia park. Located in a small blade, the church is instantly recognizable inside the perimeter wall around the stone complex, which subsequently ceased to be a sacred place, became a sheepfold. This place was a very important apiary. This activity was of great importance especially for the production of the wax used to produce candles. In the church are still visible two precious frescoes of St. Nicola and the other one is placed on the right wall of the church.

Outside there are the remains of several tombs.



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