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San Vito

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The rocky structure of the church of San Vito is similar to the rupestrian complex of San Falcione. Located in the Murgia Park of Matera, this crypt has elegant niches totally curved in the rock.

The rupestrian church of San Vito has two different presbytery, in fact the left one is much smaller than the right. During the excavation  the lithotomy artist had difficulty in proceeding work, due to a different quality of the rock, unfortunately very hard. Probably, this difficulty has prompted the artist to continue the work according to the hardness of the rock.

There are remains of frescoes that represents a young monk, a holy bishop with bushy white beard, which is indicated by the letter "S",  and a warrior saint is represented with a spear in his left hand while his right hand indicates a wound on his thigh. L 'image does not have a sophisticated style and it is characterized by strong colors such as black and purple. It is possible to read the date 1651 on the fresco.


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