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St. Lucia alle Malve

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Located below of the Monte Errone, St. Lucia and Agata alle Malve is a church of the tenth century, near the Gravina torrent. Bishop Saraceno, in a report after a visit to Saint Lucia church wrote about this sacred place as Santa Lucia in Casalis Novi. At the entrance of the church are carved on the facade three cup of different ages and in each of which are represented the eyes, the symbol of the martyrdom of Saint Lucia.

The church is divided in three naves that are not symmetrical and all the decorations are an artistic interpretation of the lithotomy artist.

The church is very rich of frescoes and the most important is the fresco of the Madonna del Latte or Galattotrofousa (second half of the thirteenth century.) and St. Michael the Archangel (first half of thirteenth century.) represented the "loros", the dress of the Byzantine emperor. Other important frescoes are representations of other saints, such as St. Benedetto and St. Scolastica, St. Gregorio and a head of a anonymous saint and a coronation of the Virgin and a representation of Saint Vito.

Today one of the naves is still consecrated.


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